2020: Favorite craft and DIY projects

While there’s a lot about 2020 that I’d like to forget, some of the craft projects that I did during the year are worth remembering.

Before they get buried in the archives, here’s a look back at my 10 favorite craft/DIY projects of the last 12 months.

No. 10: Barn Quilt Patio Rug

DIY barn quilt patio rug made from leftover vinyl flooring

I painted a black and white barn quilt onto a piece of leftover vinyl flooring in the spring and absolutely loved how it looked. What I didn’t love was how impractical it turned out to be for our deck. Every time it rained, water pooled on the rug. And stayed there until I mopped it off. And if I didn’t get around to mopping it for a few days, it started to mildew. Ugg.

After two weeks, the rug got permanently relocated indoors.

No. 9: Quirky Turkey Assemblage

Quirky turkey assemblage made from vintage kitchenware and found objects

I’ve been making junk turkeys for a few years now, but each one ends up with its own unique personality. This one turned out extra quirky, due to a construction error.

I drilled the leg holes a smidge too far apart for the bird to be able to rest both feet on the ground at the same time. That made the poor guy a bit tipsy. But instead of correcting my mistake, I decided to let the turkey lean into his imperfection.

No. 8: Brass Horn Wreath

Brass horn wreath

This is one of simplest projects I made all year, but also one of the most elegant. Usually my holiday decor leans more to the vintage kitsch side of the spectrum (think blow mold Santas, Gurley candles, old-school knee hugger elves), but my brass horn wreath felt almost classy.

No. 7: Acorn Wreath

Fall acorn wreath

I apparently had wreaths on the brain this year because I made quite a few of them. Here’s another of my favorites: my acorn wreath.

I pretty much just drilled holes into 60 of the most freakishly flat acorns you ever saw and then strung them onto a sturdy wire.

No. 6: Upcycled Junk Bunny

Upcycled junk rabbit assemblage

With thrift stores closed during the early days of the pandemic, I found myself with lots of free time to focus on crafting. One of the first projects I made was my upcycled junk rabbit.

His body is a salt shaker. His head is a Jell-O mold. And his carrot is an orange soda can.

No. 5: Pinecone Wreath

embroidery hoop wreath with pinecone flowers

I’ve had a bag of giant pinecones in my crafts stash for years. I finally put them to use by turning them into flowers for my embroidery hoop wreath.

The hardest part of making pinecone flowers was deconstucting the pinecones. Once I had the scales removed, I just painted them white and glued them onto a big metal washer.

No. 4: Decoupaged newspaper birds

decoupaged newspaper birds

Sometimes when you get a crazy craft idea in your head, it works. And sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m happy to say my decoupaged newspaper birds turned out even better than I’d imagined.

No. 3: Acorn Garland

acorn garland with tassels

I wanted to make a bead garland, but I didn’t have any wood beads. What I did have was a pile of acorns.

My acorn garland ended up being my most viewed post of 2020.

No. 2: Window Screen Roses

window screen rose

Sometimes I like to make common crafts with uncommon materials. Such was the case with my window screen roses.

No. 1: Robot Frankenstein

Robot Frankenstein assemblage

Hands down my absolute favorite craft of the year was the Robot Frankenstein I made just before Halloween.

I’m already planning to build a Mrs. Frankenstein or a Junior Frankenstein next fall. Wouldn’t it be cute to have a whole Frankenstein family hanging out together?

Robot Frankenstein's head is made from an upside bucket attached to a canister lid by a hinge. His eyes and ears are made from rusty hardware, including nuts, bolts and washers.

So what was your favorite project of 2020? Let me know in the comments below!


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