About Me

I spend way too much of my free time at secondhand stores and garage sales, where I have amassed an impressive (to me) amalgamation of mostly useless but utterly delightful oddities. Among my favorite things to collect: wooden boxes, old holiday decorations, vintage jewelry (especially lockets), Gurley candles, ironstone dishes, suitcases from bygone times, thrift store paintings, miniature log cabins, worn books and Wisconsin-y things.
In addition to collecting, I often attempt (and sometimes succeed in) making things. I do a little furniture refinishing, stenciling, general crafting and sewing. (I made the Gryffindor scarf pictured here.) I also have a mild obsession with creating vignettes and styling bookshelves.    
After 20+ years of working in the newspaper industry, I am back in college today, hoping to learn a marketable skill. In the meantime, blogging allows me to scratch the perpetual itch to write, edit and create, while sharing my love of vintage baubles, good design and bad puns.

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  1. I'd love to follow you through email, but there isn't a way to sign up. Can you add a widget? I know you are just getting started, but judging from what you like to do, it's something I'm interested in seeing more of. Best wishes.


  2. Widget added…. I think. I'm kind of stumbling through the setup stuff for this blog. Hopefully I did it right. But thanks for wanting to follow me. 🙂


  3. Hi Lisa – I just discovered your blog and enjoy it a lot. I too am in Wisconsin and it is great to find a “local” girl that I can follow. Just curious what area of the state you are in?


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