Thanks for visiting Wisconsin Magpie. I’m Lisa, the writer, crafter, thrifter and collector behind the blog. I live in a small town in Wisconsin with my husband Jim, our two cats, Calvin and Lilly, and a basement full of rickety secondhand furniture that I really am going to shore up and refinish someday.

I named my blog Wisconsin Magpie because Iā€™m a Wisconsin girl through and through, and I like to collect odd things for my nest, much as I have heard the birds of the same name do.

A few of my favorite collectibles are wooden boxes, old holiday decorations, vintage jewelry (especially lockets), Gurley candles, ironstone dishes, suitcases from bygone times, thrift store paintings, miniature log cabins, worn books and Wisconsin-themed memorabilia. I also have a tendency to bring home oddities like old Jell-O molds and orphaned drawer pulls that can be turned into oddities like junk turkeys (see photo below).

When I’m not out buying things I don’t need, I’m probably home attempting a craft or DIY project. I’m proud to say I come from a long line of talented craftswomen who sewed clothes, pieced quilts, hooked rugs, crocheted afghans, decorated cakes and macramed plant hangers. Unfortunately, I inherited none of those skills.

I’ve never let a lack of talent stop me, though. After all, if God wanted only the most gifted artisans to make stuff, he wouldn’t have created stencils and glue guns, would’ve he? Besides, somebody has to make the world’s junk turkeys.

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  1. I'd love to follow you through email, but there isn't a way to sign up. Can you add a widget? I know you are just getting started, but judging from what you like to do, it's something I'm interested in seeing more of. Best wishes.

  2. Widget added…. I think. I'm kind of stumbling through the setup stuff for this blog. Hopefully I did it right. But thanks for wanting to follow me. šŸ™‚

  3. Hi Lisa – I just discovered your blog and enjoy it a lot. I too am in Wisconsin and it is great to find a “local” girl that I can follow. Just curious what area of the state you are in?

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