Christmas | Silver and gold

silver and gold Christmas decorations
One of my favorite things to decorate at Christmastime is the hutch in my dining room.

Christmas storage
Mostly because I get to open this suitcase…

vintage suitcase
 … which contains all of this.

Christmas decor
Nothing says “Christmas” like a suitcase full of shiny baubles.

hutch decorated for Christmas
A few of them end up on our tree, but most of them go into the hutch …

hutch decorated for Christmas
… nestled among the dishes and glasses there.

hutch decorated for Christmas
I try to keep the hutch looking classy …

hutch decorated for Christmas
… but sometimes a little kitsch creeps in.

hutch decorated for Christmas
… because, ceramic deer and faux snow.

hutch at Christmastime
I love white dishes and shiny ornaments …

Christmas decor in dining room
… but not nearly as much as I love ceramic deer and plastic snow.

silver and gold ornaments
So the hutch ends up being a marriage of classic …

Christmas decor in dining room
… and kitschy.

glass Christmas tree jars

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