Christmas | Making a miniature farm scene

model barn
In honor of our first measurable snowfall this winter, I decided to put together a miniature winter scene in my dining room.

vintage wood barn
I started with this little thrifted barn.

toy cows and horses
Then I pulled out my small herd of secondhand livestock. I’m not sure if any of them are truly the right scale for the barn, but I thought the second and third cows from the left looked like the best fit.

battery-operated mini lights
 To give the scene a Christmassy look, I bought a set of miniature lights.

Christmas farm scene
I strung the lights all the way around the roofline and snaked the excess inside through the back door.

Christmas farm scene
The battery pack is hidden inside the barn.

toy wreaths
Once I had the light situation squared away, I dug all of my miniature wreaths out of storage.

miniature winter barn scene
I decided to put one of the medium-sized ones on the front door.

miniature winter scene
And I put one of the tiny wreaths on the front bumper of my white Chevy pickup (another thrift-store find — it’s not old; I’m pretty sure it ended up at the thrift store because it’s missing a headlight.)

toy Chevy truck
I tossed a miniature tree in the bed of the truck.

toy barn
I stole one of the copper stars from my star collection for the end of the barn.

miniature winter farm scene
And I hung a couple of brass bells from the roof on the other side.

miniature winter farm scene
I added a couple of deer and some faux snow and trees outside.
toy barn with cows
And I put a battery-operated votive candle inside the barn so it would be lit from the inside at night.

toy barn with cows
Here it is lit up at night.

toy barn with cows
 And here’s the barn during the day.

toy barn and cows
I love the chippy paint on the roof.

toy barn and truck in snow

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