The asparagus fern is always greener

I bought a package of cat grass a while back and finally got around to starting it last Saturday. (Yes, the picture above is of grass that was planted just six days earlier.)

I found the seeds in the pet department at WalMart for a couple dollars. Inside the package is a small bag of oat seeds and a plastic container filled with potting soil.

It could not be easier to get the seeds started. You just poke a few holes in the bottom of the plastic container for drainage…

… then mix the seeds in with the potting soil…

… and add water.

Then you put the cover back on and place the container in a dark spot, checking on the seeds periodically to see if they’re sprouting.

I planted my seeds on Saturday morning. By Monday night, a few tiny sprouts were already starting to poke up from the soil.

Here’s what the grass looked like on Tuesday:

On Wednesday:

 On Thursday:

And on Friday:

If only my tomatoes grew that fast…

By Friday, I figured the grass was established enough for Calvin to start noshing on it, so I set him up on the plant bench and showed him the healthy organic delicacy I had grown for him.

He was not impressed.

He sniffed the cat grass for about five seconds and then turned his back on it and started chowing down on a half-dead asparagus fern that had (barely) survived the winter in my basement.

I also gave a package of cat grass to my son’s girlfriend for her cats, and they love it. Evidently Calvin has  more discerning tastes. Or maybe they just don’t have a half-dead asparagus fern as an option.


8 Replies to “The asparagus fern is always greener”

  1. Too funny! If it makes you (or Calvin) feel any better, none of my three cats like this stuff either! One my cats (Monkey) chews on my spider plants all the time.

  2. It's the nature of the cat, dontcha know! I might try this for them, though. It will be the only plant, so it would be the only CHOICE! Cats! You gotta love them!

  3. I've heard from a few other people who said their cats didn't like it either. Calvin eats grass outside occasionally, eats my plants inside quite often and goes nuts over catnip when it's available, so I thought for sure he would love the sweet grass sold especially for kitties. But, clearly, it was not to his liking.

  4. It was definitely a fun little project, even though Calvin has no interest in the final product. The grass grows so fast, you get almost instant gratification watching it sprout and shoot up a little more everyday.

  5. I wonder if this would work for my dog. He loves to eat certain grass blades when we walk. I don't see why it wouldn't work but I'll look it up to be sure.

  6. The front of the package says: “Safe for Pets.” And the fine print on the back of the package says: “Warning: For pets only. Keep out of reach of children… Not for human consumption.” I would interpret that to mean that it would be safe for dogs. (But I am neither a botanist nor a veterinarian, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt.)

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