An Easter chick’s newspaper decoupage makeover

Happy Easter weekend, peeps! To celebrate, I gave a little thrifted chick a newspaper decoupage makeover.

newspaper decoupage chick

Isn’t she a cutie?

Here’s what my chick looked like when I found her:

Easter chick decoration with a pastel pink egg-shaped body

Honestly, she was already a cutie in her original state, but I felt like she was crying out for a black and white vintage industrial style makeover. Because isn’t everything?

Newspaper decoupage makeover

Easter chick painted white

To start the makeover, I gave her a quick coat of white spray paint.

newspaper hearts cut out with Cricut

Then I cut a bunch of heart shapes out of a newspaper with my Cricut …

decoupaging newspaper hearts onto chick

… and started decoupaging them on to my little chick with matte-finish Mod Podge.

decoupaging newspaper hearts onto Easter chick

When I’ve done previous newspaper decoupage makeovers (like the birds I decoupaged last spring), I’ve applied the newspaper in single lines of text, all facing in the same direction. That gets to be a tedious process.

newspaper decoupage chick

Using heart shapes instead of single lines of text sped up the process considerably.

decoupaging grey hearts onto the chick's wings

I wanted my chick’s wings to contrast with the rest of her body, so I covered them with hearts that had been cut from photos in the newspaper.

decoupaged newspaper chick

I chose hearts that were cut from the backgrounds of the photos, so they didn’t have any faces on them or anything else that would be distracting.

decoupaged newspaper chick with crossword puzzle hat

Finally I covered the chick’s hat in hearts that had been cut out of the newspaper’s crossword puzzle.

Painting the rest of the pieces

newspaper decoupage chick with yellow beak and feet

When I was satisfied with my decoupage job, I moved on to painting. I decided to give my little chick yellow feet and a yellow beak.

painting the flower stem green

I painted the stem and petals of her flower a celery green.

red flower and blow on newspaper decoupage chick

And I made her tulip and her hat bow red.

found metal discs

Next, I pulled out my stash of found metal discs and painted two of them black. (I live near a junkyard, so I find these laying on the side of the road all the time when I’m out walking.)

decoupaged newspaper chick

After I superglued the metal discs on as her eyes, she was all done.

I know she was adorable in her original paint job, but she fits in at my house much better now that she’s had her makeover. 🙂


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