Collecting | Saving the snowpeople

Despite my best efforts, my little collection of snowpeople keeps growing.

snowman collectibles
I never go out looking for them, but (like a lot of other things) they just keep finding me.

snowman collection
This is the guy who started it all. He was a Christmas gift when I was kid. (You might recognize him as an Avon decanter; he’s still half full of Sweet Honesty, my signature scent in the eighth grade.)

snowmen and Gurley candle Christmas tree
Most of the rest of my little snow family have been picked up for a song at garage sales and thrift stores over the years.

vintage snowman collection
I really like the vintage ones, like this couple of cuties, who are actually salt and pepper shakers.

snowman collection
But I have a soft spot for simple wooden snowmen, too.

snowman collection
This guy even came with a name tag. (Poor Bob. What kind of a heartless monster would dump him at a thrift store???)

The big guy in the center of this video clip is solar-powered. When I first saw him at the St. Vincent de Paul, I thought he was a broken clock or kitchen timer. I bought him anyway. After I got him home and held him up to the light to inspect him, he started to shimmy, and it dawned on me that the panel on his base was actually a solar cell, not a broken LCD screen.

snowmen on a shelf

Most years, I set my snowpeople out on this three-tiered shelf before Christmas. This year — as part of my ongoing quest to put off studying for finals and writing the three papers that I have due next week — I decided to document the process.

red metal plate
On the bottom shelf, I started with this chippy red metal plate.

making a Christmas display
I propped an evergreen branch (trimmed off the bottom of our Christmas tree) up against the plate.

ceramic tree
Then I put a ceramic tree in the center of the shelf …

vintage snowmen and tree
… and added a couple of larger snowpeople to the right. (I used a few checkers and poker chips as risers in order to vary the height a bit.)

snowmen on a shelf
I filled in around the big pieces with smaller snowmen and added a few more random pieces of greenery to hide the risers and fill in the gaps.

creating a Christmas vignette
For the middle shelf, I started with this green metal plate.

green tray and evergreen branch
An evergreen branch went in front of the plate again.

Creating a Christmas vignette
Then I added a couple of cocoa tins and a vintage battery-powered light-up Christmas tree in the center of the shelf.

snowmen and tree
I added Bob and another wooden snowman on the edges …

snowman collectibles

… and then I finished up with some other random smalls.

evergreen branch on shelf

The process was pretty much the same for the top shelf, except I skipped the plate in the back and just started with some Christmas tree trimmings.

Gurley Christmas tree candles

A couple of vintage Gurley candles went next, with one of them on a riser.

snowmen and candle Christmas trees

Then I placed a couple of bigger guys …

snowman collection
… and filled in with some smaller pieces.

vintage snowmen on a shelf


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