Crafting | Making a woven wreath

sisal rope wrapped around metal wreath frame
This week’s project — a DIY woven wreath — has been on my to-do list for about a year and a half.

wreath base
That’s when I dragged this wire frame home from a garage sale. Actually when I dragged it home, it was green, but I forgot to take a “before” picture until after I had spray painted it tan. The reason I painted it? Because I was going to weave some rope around it, and I knew parts of the frame would end up exposed.

woven wreath
The weaving process was pretty straightforward: I went over one wire and under the next, then wrapped around the inside (and outside) wire to start over again.

woven wreath
When I reached the end of the rope, I tucked it into the back of the wreath and glued it down to keep it in place. Then I started with a new piece, keeping the same over-under pattern going.

woven wreath
Here’s what it looked like when I had the entire wreath wrapped.

sisal rope wreath
If you look closely, you can see the wire peeking out in some spots, but since it’s the same color as the sisal rope, it’s hardly noticeable.

Christmas bell ornaments
Next, I hung a few metal bells from twisted pieces of twine. (I applied a little Mod Podge along the length of the twine to set the twists in place and keep them from unwinding.)

rope wreath
Then I attached the bells and a few trimmings from the bottom of our Christmas tree to the back of the wreath.

sisal wrapped wreath
I also wired a couple of rusty jingle bells to the top of the evergreen branches …

sisal wreath
… and wrapped an old leather strap around the top of the wreath as a hanger.

sisal rope wreath
After Christmas, I figure I will throw out the branches and pack the bells away, but the wreath itself can stay hanging up year round.

sisal Christmas wreath

35 Replies to “Crafting | Making a woven wreath”

    1. Here’s the rope I used: (Hopefully the link works; if not, it’s 1/4-inch rope and it came in 100-ft. lengths. I think I used about half of the rope, so roughly 50 feet.)

      Someday I’ll write a follow-up post about my wreath. I get questions about it all the time. It apparently struck a cord with a lot of people. Thanks for reading! Good luck w/ your wreath!


      1. Bought everything to make this today, just painted my frame! Can’t wait to get started!

    1. Sorry, no video. It’s pretty simple to make though. Just get a long length of rope and weave it over one wire and under the next, all the way around the wreath. And if you have to start with a new length of rope, knot it or glue it down on the back side of the wreath so it doesn’t show. Here’s the rope I used:

    1. I don’t remember the brand or the color name. It was just a can of tan spray paint we had left over in our basement from a previous project. Just try to find something tan that looks similar to the color of your rope. I will say it’s probably worth it to buy a name brand (vs. a cheap store brand, which is what I usually buy) because the rope is a bit abrasive and will scratch the paint as you’re working. Personally, I didn’t think the scratches were a big deal, because they’re small and barely noticeable. But still, better quality spray paint would probably result in fewer scratches.

  1. I just made a wreath on my lunch break today, from a faux fur collar off my cheap Walmart coat then I wrapped old belt on one side turned out super cute.

    I want to do the rope one and hang near the faux fur one…love the different textures together.

    I love your taste and can’t wait to follow your ideas.

  2. I love this! What a great idea. I think I gave two of those forms to Goodwill a while back. Figures I’d run across a super use for them!

  3. Love this! I think I will make it and attach a mirror to the back for over my fireplace, if I can find one as big as I’d like. I think it would make a great mirror frame for rustic decor. Thanks for the idea.

  4. I just finished my wreath. It turned out really nice. I spray painted the wires a copper color because I had dark brown twine. Love it on my black door.

  5. I did this over Thanksgiving holiday…..three episode binge of 9-1-1 with daughter in law and it was done. Simple yet a real statement

  6. I have made two so far and put a metal In God We Trust hanger from Dollar Tree on it. Turned out awesome. One more to make.

  7. Would it be possible to see how you tied the rope off on the backside? I would like to add flowers and a bow to mine but am wondering if I should glue the rope ends down or what?

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