Crafting | Newspaper flowers

So I was supposed to be packing and shopping and generally getting ready for vacation today.

paper crafting

Instead I made newspaper flowers.

paper crafting
Why? Because newspaper flowers don’t make themselves, people.paper crafting

Plus, I had this little tray full of silver baubles sitting on my coffee table, and every time I walked past it, I would think, “This little tray would look so much better with a few newspaper flowers on it.”

So I finally broke down and made some.

paper crafting

For the big flowers, I grabbed a few random circular things from around the house and traced around them.
paper crafting
 Then I cut out the circles and cut slits into them, to make petals.
curling paper
I curled the edges of the petals by wrapping them around the end of a paint brush.
paper crafting
 Then I stacked the circles, from largest to smallest, gluing each layer down in the center as I went.
paper crafting
 To give the flowers some shape, I pressed down with the end of a paintbrush while gluing.
paper crafting
I topped off each flower with an old earring.
paper crafting
Then I fluffed and bent the petals to give the flowers more dimension and spattered some paint on them, just because.
paper crafting
To make the little button flowers, I punched out some newspaper circles …
paper crafting
… and glued the circles together into five-petal flowers.
paper crafting
Then I sewed a button on in the middle of each one.
paper crafting
Probably not the best use of my time the week before I leave on vacation.

But they make me happy.

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