Collecting | Vintage briefcases

Like a lot of things, I didn’t set out to collect vintage briefcases and portfolios.

leather briefcases
I just stumbled upon one at a thrift store that I loved. So I bought it.

Then I found another.

leather briefcase
And another.

leather briefcases
And another.

leather briefcases
The great thing about this collection: It’s useful.

old leather briefcase
I take one of the cases to work with me all the time.

briefcase collection
A few others I store photos and memorabilia in.

briefcase collection
This case came with an ID tag taped inside.

old briefcase
I love the aged hardware and leather.

old potfolio
Here’s one of my favorite portfolios.

leather briefcase and portfolio collection
The zipper still works.

old leather portfolio
One of the portfolios is stamped “Marvelux” on the inside.

briefcase collection
This portfolio gets a lot of use.

vintage portfolio
A chunky old zipper closes to keep the contents safe inside.

leather covers
I also love old leather-covered folders, scrapbooks, diaries, calendars, etc.

vintage books and portfolios
Here are a few my favorites.

vintage leather calendar
This one’s a pristine 1966 calendar.

vintage calendar
Because you never know when you might need a 1966 calendar.

tooled leather cover
This one’s a diary. About half of the pages have been ripped out, but I still love the embossed cover.

leather cover
This one’s ¬†an organizer.

vintage leather collection
It’s not old, maybe from the 1990s. But I love the cover.

vintage leather books and covers
Inside it says, “Scully Since 1906.”

leather books
This one is faux leather — and new.

leather book cover
It has my 2016 calendar in it. (Yes, I still use a paper calendar.)

old leather book covers

This cover is about 5 inches by 8 inches.

leather cover
It could hold a pad of paper and a pen.

leather cover

Here’s a cover that shows its age.

leather cover
It has a plastic photo insert in it.

leather cover
This three-ring binder is stamped “Made in Italy” on the back.

old briefcases
I also collect vintage suitcases. Click here to read about that collection.

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  1. Interesting. I just picked up a Marvelux #29474 item by Briefcase, Inc. in Chicago in fabulous condition. Haven’t been able to find out anything about Briefcase, Inc. but I’d hazard a guess the one I have is from the 50’s. Thanks for sharing your collection.

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