Collecting | Vintage typography jars

Earlier this summer I was picking through the leftovers at a garage sale that was about to close when I found this little jar for a quarter:

I love glass jars with typography on them. And I especially love glass jars with Helvetica Bold on them. There was one little problem with the jar, though.

It was sans lid. I bought it anyway.

Then this weekend, I found this cute but somewhat nondescript jar at a thrift store. The mouth of the jar appeared to be about the same size as my leftovers jar…

… so I thought perhaps I could harvest the lid off of it.

For 95 cents, it was mine.

The lids on these clamp-style jars come off pretty easily. You just have to squeeze the inside metal brackets together until they slide off the other set of brackets.

A pliers helps.

Once the lid is off, you squeeze the metal brackets on the lid together again to slip them inside the metal brackets on the other jar. Easy peasy.

I’m happy to say the lid fit the leftovers jar perfectly.


So now I have another glass jar with typography on it to use in my kitchen.

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