The art of procrastination

I had the day off of work last Friday and just one thing I wanted to accomplish: (finally) hang some art on the empty wall in our upstairs hallway.

oil painting

All of the photos in this post are of thrift store paintings, kids’ art and mementos of our travels that I’ve collected and (sadly) stored in closets or propped in corners (with vague plans to hang somewhere at sometime).

flowers in vase
So Friday was the day I was finally going to get everything hung.

oil painting
First thing in the morning, I rounded up all the scattered paintings and drawings to see what I had and what would fit on the empty wall.

painting of flowers

Then I checked my email. Just to make sure I didn’t have anything pressing to attend to before I got bogged down with the work of hanging the art.

still life

My friends at Netflix had sent me a (third) reminder that the credit card associated with my account was close to expiring and asking me to update my user information with a new card number.

That seemed pressing. So I opened Netflix and looked for a tab to click on to update my account information. I couldn’t find one. What I did find was a recommendation to watch “The Borgias,” the soapy Showtime drama set in Renaissance-era Rome.

 fish painting

I’ve had that show on my “To Watch” list for almost as long as I’ve had hanging art in my upstairs hallway on my “To Do” list. And since I had the whole day off with nothing to do but hang art, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to watch one episode — just to see if it was any good — before getting to work.

painting of Wisconsin capitol
Eight hours later…

… my hallway wall was still empty…

pencil sketch of barn
… and my credit card information still needed updating.

oil painting of church
But I’d watched the entire first season of “The Borgias.”

So at least I was able to cross that off of my list.


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