The Case of the Missing Leinenkugel’s

I went down to my recently organized basement after dinner to put a load of laundry into the washing machine and noticed something was missing from its usual spot.

A Leinenkugel’s Summer Sampler pack (three bottles each of Summer Shandy, Honey Weiss, Classic Amber and Sunset Wheat, in case you’re wondering) was not on the husband’s weight bench where I distinctly remember putting it when I was cleaning down there a few weeks ago. (Because there was no space left on my treadmill.) I looked around on nearby shelves and on the floor to see if someone had moved it, but it was nowhere to be found.

I asked my husband if he knew where it went. He didn’t have a clue.

So I texted the only other member of our household: our 20-year-old son, who’s home from college for the summer.

Me: “OMG! I think we’ve been robbed! A 12-pack of Leine’s that was in the basement is missing. Should I call the police?”

Apparently news of a potential break-in did not alarm him because he did not respond.

A few minutes later, I tried again.

Me: “I think I might also be missing a bottle of cranberry wine… Have you noticed anyone suspicious in the neighborhood?”

Seconds later, my phone dinged.

Son: “I also noticed the missing beer… Spooky. Your wine should still be around, though.”

Me: “Your father’s wondering why his stash of Michelob Ultra in the garage refrigerator wasn’t touched?”

Son: “Ghosts only drink good beer.”

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