Cat 1, Humans 0

How many Cestkowskis does it take to load a cat into a pet carrier?

I don’t know, but the answer is definitely more than two.

My son and I spent 20 minutes this morning trying to coax, finagle and ultimately force Calvin into our carrier before admitting defeat. Obviously Calvin was more committed to staying out than we were to getting him in.

Which meant JT had to play chauffeur and drive us to the vet’s office, with Calvin sitting on my lap, peeing all the way.

Thankfully, we only live a mile and a half from the clinic. Nevertheless, by the time we arrived, my pants, my underwear, my legs, my purse and the car seat beneath us were all thoroughly soaked.

My apologies to Dr. Twardowski and the vet tech who had to spend 20 long minutes in the tiny exam room with me, Calvin and the Overpowering Stench of Cat Urine.

Also, my humble apologies to anyone in the waiting room at Columbus Countryside Vet Clinic between the hours of 9 and 9:30 a.m., anyone who was downwind from me as I walked into and out of the clinic, and most of all, to anyone who ever has to ride in my car again.


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