Collecting | I love (other people’s) trash

I’ve spent most of my free time during the past few weeks cleaning, organizing and purging the clutter from my basement.

But one Saturday morning, I decided I needed a break, so I drove to a nearby town to check out a citywide rummage sale…

citywide rummage sale

… and came home with a whole new batch of clutter. It couldn’t be helped. I kept finding great stuff at crazy low, low prices that I needed/wanted/bought impulsively and may or may not have regretted later.

Here are a few of my favorite finds of the day:

garage sale finds

A vintage Sultana Peanut Butter tin, minus the handle. I’d love to put a plant in it and set it on my deck, but I don’t want it to rust. So it may end up holding markers or paintbrushes on my desk instead.

garage sale finds

The old type and graphics and its all-around orangeness more than make up for the missing handle as far as I’m concerned. (It was $2.)

garage sale finds

A reproduction Hutton’s ham tin. It’s not old like the peanut butter pail is (I paid 50 cents for it), but I love the graphics on the can, and it reminded me of a Granger Tobacco tin I bought at another rummage sale earlier this spring:

garage sale finds

They look like they belong together, don’t they? The tobacco tin is the real deal (i.e., vintage). (And it was only $3). When I saw the Hutton’s can, I immediately pictured it sitting next to the tobacco can.

garage sale finds

And in the fall, I can tuck a few gourds and pumpkins in among my three new tins and have an instant Halloween vignette.

garage sale finds

A pewter plate with type around the rim. The alphabet plate is the new one (50 cents). It reminded of the cheese plate I already owned. Now both plates are in my hutch, nestled among my dishes, which brings me to my next find….

garage sale finds
Two small oval plates ($1) and a matching serving bowl ($1.50).

garage sale finds

They also happened to match a creamer I already had at home.

The three clear glass canning jar lids and the random silverware in the previous photo are the only things I bought that truly ended up getting stored in my (less-cluttered-than-before) basement. I use canning jars all the time for storage and craft projects, so the lids will definitely get used at some point. As for the lovely vintage flatware, I have a million different ideas for projects I’d like to make out of it, but it’s so pretty as is I hesitate to bend it or stamp into it, so we’ll see what becomes of it.

garage sale finds

This white canister, which I got for a quarter — probably because it was missing a lid. Not a problem. I already had the lid for it at home.

I buy orphaned lids occasionally, when they are really, really cheap, hoping that someday I might be able to reunite them with containers. Often enough, I find a match. (It’s my gift.)

As I don’t really need another canister-canister, I think I will use this one for Calvin’s cat chow.

garage sale finds
A white metal table, for $2. I’m going to set it on my deck between a couple of patio chairs. The top is plexiglass, which is practical but not real pretty. I’m thinking about tiling over the top of it. I’ll live with it a while first. Maybe once I set a big bushy plant on it, I will forget all about the plexiglass.

garage sale finds

A lefty scissors. Just because. (40 cents.)

garage sale finds
A Wisconsin pin (10 cents). I’m not sure what exactly that gold scrolly thing on it is. A company logo of some kind probably. Is it an “e”? A roll of paper? A toboggan? I tried Googling it but have come up empty so far. I feel like I should find out what it is before I start wearing it in public, just in case it turns out to be a symbol for the neo Nazis or something. (If anyone has any insight, please share.)

garage sale finds
A roll of newspaper print wallpaper ($2). I have no idea what I am going to do with it. But it is going to be fabulous.

garage sale finds

And finally, this little item.

garage sale finds
Do you recognize it? I didn’t right away. There were no tags or markings on it.

garage sale finds

I had to turn it over and study it from every angle before it finally dawned on me…

garage sale finds

It’s a Connect 4 game. I was so happy when I finally solved the riddle I had to buy it (for 50 cents).

8 Replies to “Collecting | I love (other people’s) trash”

  1. “and came home with a whole new batch of clutter.” ahahahahaha! I love garage saling, but the conflict is always there about whether or not I need more things. Everything you bought is absolutely adorable, so it is clear that you made the right choices.
    I have no idea about the Wisconsin logo pin. I'd like to think that's a toboggan, simply because that's the most entertaining option.


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