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Happy Day Before The NCAA Basketball Tournament Championship Day!

Just kidding. I know that’s not a national holiday. What I meant was: “Happy Day After Frank Kaminsky’s Birthday Day!”

Sorry. I guess that’s only a state holiday. But, as a lifelong resident and self-appointed representative of the Great State of Wisconsin, allow me to extend an invitation to all of my blog readers to join in our celebration. (Unless, of course, you’re a Duke fan; then you can just move along.)

To commemorate our special day, I made my little newspaper chicks (which I blogged about here) new Easter bonnets.

cheesehead craft
Technically, cheeseheads are more of a Packer thing than a Badger thing, but when I considered the other options for headgear (namely, Wisconsin Badger baseball caps or stocking caps), foam cheese wedges seemed like the best match for my millinery skills.

cheesehead craft
If you can cut a triangle out of a block of Styrofoam, you can make a miniature cheesehead.

If you are concerned that the texture of Styrofoam does not seem very cheeselike, you can coat it with some of this stuff:

My now-college-age son used to make a diorama for the 4-H fair every year when he was a youngster, and he used CelluClay to make hills, rocks, mountains, etc. Turns out, it makes pretty good cheeseheads, too.

cheesehead craft
The back of the box says CelluClay has an “indeterminate shelf life,” and as this box had been sitting in my basement for an indeterminate length of time (at least five years, maybe 10?), I figured now was the perfect time to use it. CelluClay comes out of the box dry and powdery…

cheesehead craft
… but when you add water, it becomes a slimy clay, which is really easy to mold.

cheesehead craft
I didn’t have to do much molding. I just spread a thin layer over the entire Styrofoam wedge, like I was frosting a cake, and then went to bed…

cheesehead craft
… because CelluClay takes forever to dry. The next morning, I grabbed the blow dryer (which really only ever gets used for crafting purposes anymore), and dried the still-wet wedges. Then I painted them.

cheesehead craft
I did not have Cheesehead Yellow in my paint box, so I did a custom mix. (One big plop of Medium Yellow and two small dribbles of Pumpkin Orange, in case you want to re-create it.)

cheesehead craft
When the paint was dry, I fit the caps on the chicks, making sure the little bowls I had carved out of the undersides of the wedges were the right size for the chicks’ heads.

Then I printed out some Badger pennants, glued them to coffee stir sticks (which also only ever get used for crafting purposes around here) and set them up.

Here’s the aerial view:
Go Badgers!

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  1. Hi Lisa! I am in MN girl by birth currently living in WI. I love all things Packers – especially these little cheeseheads! We root for the Gophers, but when they aren't playing we back the Badgers. Lets say we are totally on the bandwagon after last night! It looks like we both began blogging about the same time. I would love to chat with you about your experience sometime if you like.
    Hope to hear from you! Great job on the chicks and cheese 🙂

  2. Go Badgers!! Your little guys are so cute! I'm a Packer fan too…and sometimes you just have to combine the red/white with the green and gold! Here's wishing our team…Wisconsin Badgers…all the luck in the world! Go BADGERS!! 😉

  3. OK, that is hilarious!! And you know, living in the Chicago 'burbs most of my life and my husband actually born and raised in Chicago, we're definitely Bears fans. Sorry! 🙂 Though OK, we can root for the Badgers.

  4. On, Wisconsin!! Yay ~~ love the little chicks. Will be an interesting evening. Our daughter lives right downtown in Madison and she said Saturday night she could hear everything. She, too, is a UW alum, so was celebrating, too. They certainly made believers out of a lot of people. Such fun. Go, Bucky!!

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