Digging into the Archives

I’ve been trying to catch up to the rest of the world lately, and, let me tell you, when you’re a decade (or more) behind times, it’s not easy.

Digital portfolios have been the norm for people who work in creative fields like I do for quite a while now, but (knock on wood) I’ve always had a steady job and didn’t see a reason to create one of my own. My most recent portfolio dates to 1999, which means it’s full of really, really old clips, and technology-wise, it’s barely one generation removed from the stone tablet.

Thankfully, I still have a job, but it’s no secret that the newspaper industry has been contracting — a lot– in recent years, and my conscience has been nagging me for quite a while to compile a digital archive of my work — just in case (insert ominous “dun dun dun” sound effect here).

So I finally shelved my 20th century (faux-) leather-bound portfolio for good and started searching the nooks and crannies of the interwebs to ferret out some of my more recent greatest hits.

First I pieced together a portfolio of my design work, which I blogged about here. (Or you can go straight to the portfolio at https://lisacestkowski.carbonmade.com if you’re so inclined.)

Then I decided I should put together a separate portfolio of my writing samples. I veered into design full time in 2005, which made it a bit of a challenge to find digital copies of my old stories. A lot of my early work existed only in print, or if it was put up online, it was purged at some point over the years. But between the links I was able to exhume and a few PDFs I made, I feel like I’ve cobbled together enough pieces for a respectable portfolio.

You can find my new writing portfolio here. Take it out for a spin, kick the tires and (as always) please let me know if you have problems with any links or notice any typos or irregularities. I have a really good eye for catching other people’s mistakes, but being my own editor is sometimes a challenge.

And for those of you who follow my blog for my insights into popsicle stick trays and quirky collectibles — and are not interested in newspaper design or features stories — I apologize for my off-topic tangents. I promise I will get back to my normal blogging fodder soon.

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